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About Me

Striving to communicate and represent the world through my eyes. This is what my motivation has always been. It seemed that photography was the natural meduim of choice for me. I've been trained and professionally educated in digital photography and graphics from a young age, studying and analysing the master that came before me.

Living in the London I’ve been exposed to everything it has offer from its multicultural fusion of people to its beautiful architecture and music. In fact, this is where my love of photography came from. I first started off photographing London’s unique urban architectural scene.This naturally progressed and I discovered photographing people in their environment was what got me excited.

I have a passion for all types of photography but a crazed passion for photojournalistic photography and capturing emotions, atmosphere and moods.

Photography is not just a job to me, its a way of life and I'm lucky enough to get paid for something I love do.